A maternity session with just you or you and your partner. If you would like to include any other siblings, please see "Family".
45 minute session
In your home or at an outdoor location
Use of client wardrobe

Collections begin at $350


Your newborn and all immediate family members
Up to two hour session
In your home or at an outdoor location
Use of client wardrobe

Collections begin at $500


You and your immediate family
60 minute session
In your home or at an outdoor location
Style Guide and styling assistance included


Collections begin at $400

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a session with you?

First, fill out the session inquiry form on my website. After your initial inquiry, we will connect to chat about the type of session you’re after and the ideal time for you. I also love to learn a little bit about you and your family during this time. Once we have connected and agreed upon a date, I will send you a welcome email, which will include a contract, questionnaire, invoice for your session (a $75 booking fee is required to confirm your session), and my session styling guide.

In the leadup to your session, I will be available for any questions you have as well as to provide assistance with styling choices. As we approach your session, I will send a session confirmtion which will confirm exact time and information on the location where we will meet.

Do you offer session packages?

Yes, I have several package options available. Please reach out and I would be happy to share my investment guide with you.

Do you have gift certificates available?

Yes, I am happy to offer gift certificates either in a set amount to be credited towards a future session, or for the full value of a session.

What should I wear for my session?

All of my clients are sent a Styling Guide at the time of booking which includes loads of helpful information including selecting color palettes, suggestions for coordinating without matching, and tips on materials that photograph best. Additionally, I personally love styling and I am available to all of my clients to help with specific selections. My maternity sessions include access to a small selection of maternity friendly dresses and my newborn sessions include access to newborn outfits as well as blankets and swaddles.

What can I expect from my session with you?

It is my goal to create an experience you and your family will enjoy just as much as a final product you love. When we look back on pictures, we are often able to recall the emotions we were experiencing at the time and I want to ensure you remember the love and connection you shared with your family. In such a busy world, it is sometimes hard to find time to simply enjoy each other and my hope is that our session can be that time for you.

I will send you a questionnaire prior to your session to get an idea of who you and your family are and the type of photos you’re after and I will be sure to follow your family's lead during our session. If you love the camera, great! We will jump right in. If you’re camera shy, no problem! I will take it slow and allow each person to warm up a bit before I pile you all on top of each other.

For any sessions involving kids, I always pace my sessions to suit their needs and aim to capture them exactly as they are so there is no pressure to ever force a smile or stress about them "behaving". I use prompts and provide posing guidance as needed but my goal is always to capture connection so you won't find me asking you to look at the camera and smile - in fact I usually ask that you focus on each other and allow me to fade into the background.

How long will it take for me to receive my photos?

You will always receive your photos within three weeks after your session, sooner if my schedule allows. I usually provide an estimated time frame at the conclusion of our session. If you are needing your photos sooner for a special occasion, please let me know and I will do everything I can to meet your needs.

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