Hello, I'm Emily.

Owner of Emily Olson Photography and the one behind the lens capturing your beautiful memories. I have two incredible kids and a husband that both supports and encourages my every dream. I'm as nostalgic as they come and it is deeply important to me to capture my children in all their detail as I know how quickly the fuzz on their tiny bodies and the dimples on their hands disappear.

I'm happiest outdoors with my family and love exploring new places. I love interior decorating and renovation and always have a project in mind. I am a long-time lover of neutral, earthy tones and this is represented in my fashion and home style as well as my photography. I love a palette that invites you to take a deep breath, relax, and stay awhile and favor deep connection and meaningful conversation over small talk. I'm a life long student and can always be found studying or researching something.

Above all, I'm a Mama and my passion truly lies in Motherhood which is why I aim to capture those moments of connection between a Mom and her babies that can be felt anytime it's seen. I want to document the moments we dream of when we tuck our little ones into bed each night or that we shed a tear over when we drop them off for their first day of school. The details we reminisce on and recall as we watch them do something for the first time. I want to document your journey as a Mom, from the earliest days when you've yet to meet the little one growing inside you to the ones where you've grown and changed so much that you hardly recognize the incredible woman looking back at you. If you'll allow me, I would be honored to walk this journey with you.